Never Cut Corners!
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All locations open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. 
Dine-in unavailable.

Check Out Our Newest Location on the Eastside of Bloomington!
Square Donuts of Terre Haute
This is where it all began back in 1967 (for more information check out the Square Donuts History page)!
Two convenient locations, each with drive-thru service.
Location Information 

Hours: Daily 6 am - 3 pm

Phone Number: (812) 232-6463

Address: 935 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, Indiana
Location Information 

Hours: Daily 6 am - 11 am

Phone Number: (812) 466-9660

Address: 2417 Fort Harrison Rd. Terre Haute, Indiana
Photo of our Wabash Avenue Bakery
Donut Varieties: Squares (glazed yeast), Tractor Tires (glazed cake cruller), Cream filled, Raspberry Jelly Filled, Custard Filled, Donut Balls, Assorted Cake Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, Pecan Topped Cream Filled Long Johns, and many other varieties that are brought in seasonally. Donut varieties are available with different icings and toppings including: chocolate icing, strawberry icing, maple icing, white icing, peanut butter icing, sprinkles, powdered sugar, and cinnamon sugar.

Beverages: White and Chocolate Milk, Soda, Water, and freshly brewed REX Roasting  coffee.